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Last week, an Angus Reid poll found that while 47 percent of respondents said Canada is taking in the right number of refugees, 41 percent said the number is already too high.(See the report) ( here ) "It could become a real political liability for the government," said Christian Leuprecht, a politics professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, noting that spring will lead to more crossings as travel gets easier. THAWING OUT IN THE KITCHEN After the 16 migrants left French's home, without being admitted, they found truck driver Brad Renout two doors down leaving for work. "I was going to leave them all outside," Renout said. "I figured, to hell with (them) for coming over the border in winter." When he saw children among the group, Renout allowed three women, three toddlers and two teenagers into his kitchen. Early Sunday, Reuters witnessed at least seven migrants bundled in new parkas and bulging backpacks walking into Canada from Minnesota, following railway tracks in the icy dark. Ismail, a 25-year-old Somali man, said they had walked for 22 hours without sleep across North Dakota. As police lights flashed distantly, Ismail said he was afraid to walk toward them. He thought the group was still on U.S. soil. Canadian police caught up with them shortly afterward and arrested them for illegally entering Canada. The group squeezed, uncuffed, into a police minivan and headed to a government office for questioning.

editor's pick spotlight top story Azalea Dogwood Trail winds through Dothan () JAY HARE / DOTHAN EAGLE Julie Hodgins, เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่นเกาหลี 17, waves to cars as they pass by the Odom residence in the Garden District during the Azalea Dogwood Trail on Sunday. Antebellum dresses and pageant gowns were the attire of the day as the Azalea Dogwood Trail wound its way through Dothan neighborhoods Sunday afternoon. Local queens like Miss Dothan and Miss National Peanut Festival joined girls who signed up for this years Azalea Dogwood Pageant along with members of last years queen and court to greet people on the trail. The pilgrimage opened with a ribbon cutting in the 100 block of Woodland Drive. Thirteen maidens rode atop Corvette convertibles at the head of the procession. Seven more trail maidens waved to passersby from yards on the trail. The trail ended at the Cook residence at 115 Girard Ave., where maidens from the procession got out of the cars and greeted visitors. This years Azalea Dogwood Trail is likely the earliest in its 53-year history. Unseasonably warm temperatures caused azaleas to bloom much earlier than normal. Typically, the trail is held in March or April.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.dothaneagle.com/news/local/azalea-dogwood-trail-winds-through-dothan/article_0a9d9262-fc88-11e6-a1a8-cfad8007057e.html

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